Our approach


We each bring something to the table. No one knows your organization better than you. That deep familiarity combined with our experience working with organizations around purposeful change as well as our extensive HR knowledge, enable us to accomplish significantly more together than if we operate in isolation. We know that one size does not fit all and work with clients to customize our approach to meet each organization’s unique needs in a manner that honors and respects their culture and values.

Working in service to the mission

Change for Good consultants stand for the mission of your organization rather than any individual leader or the board. We do this work because we believe in your organization’s mission and want it to be successful.

Values alignment

We design systems and practices that enable you to walk your talk. Effective organizations align their internal practices with their mission, vision, and values. Mission driven organizations have a clear vision of the world they are working toward. When you treat our own people in the same manner you want clients, constituents, and the population at large to be treated, you have more credibility and employee satisfaction, and are therefore more impactful.

Organizations are complex systems

Our work typically includes seeking and integrating perspectives from different parts of the organizational system which may include staff, managers and organizational leaders, as well as board members.

Supporting employee success: In nonprofits and small businesses, employees make the difference.

Our approach is employee-centered because when your employees are successful your organization is successful. We understand that the HR function ensures compliance with wide-ranging employment regulations. But we also believe the real value of a thoughtful and intentional approach to HR is about supporting employee success.

Racial and identity-based equity are at the center

We know that in order to create a more just world, we all must consciously and intentionally grapple with the historic racial oppression on which our institutions were founded.