Building human resources systems and practices that reflect your organization’s values

We work with groups to set up and maintain human resources systems that are aligned with organizational values.

Effective organizations align their internal practices with their mission, vision and values. Mission driven organizations have a clear vision of the world they seek to create. When we treat our own people in the same manner we want our clients, constituents, and the population at large to be treated, we have more credibility and employee satisfaction and are therefore more impactful. In other words, effective organizations walk their talk.

Human resources provides a critical platform for bringing values to life. Ideally, HR practices, including effective supervision, performance management, compensation and benefits, hiring and onboarding, and professional development reflect organizational values. We work with clients to intentionally consider how their mission, vision, and values can be reflected through their role as employers. And then we collaboratively develop employment-related practices that align with that identity.

HR systems and practices we can partner with you to create:

  • Values-based compensation structures
  • Meaningful performance review systems
  • New employee onboarding and orientation processes

We can also work with you around:

  • Organizational and job redesign
  • Crafting and implementing team norms
  • Other aspects of human resources and organizational culture