Training and supporting supervisors

Change for Good trains supervisors of all levels as well using a highly experiential, adult learning approach. We also train non-supervisory staff and leaders responsible for implementing human resources systems and practices.

Intentional, skilled, strategic supervision creates a culture of mutual respect where employees and supervisors communicate effectively about job related expectations and performance. Yet many of us cringe at hierarchical terms like supervisor, boss, direct report. Our social justice sensibilities make us uncomfortable with positional power. Most of our organizations do confer positional power on supervisors and leaders and we can learn to leverage that power responsibly and equitably to support employee success and organizational effectiveness.

Most of the supervisors we work with were assigned these duties casually and with little preparation. Many of us first became managers because we were good at the content of our jobs and because there was a need or vacancy. But being successful as an individual contributor and team member doesn’t automatically translate to success as a supervisor and team leader. Fortunately, these are skills we can learn.

Our decades of experience as supervisors ourselves and working with and supporting supervisors certainly informs our curriculum. But we also recognize that training participants bring a wealth of experience as supervisors themselves and certainly as people being supervised, that we can all learn from.

Content Includes:

  • Building mutually respectful supervisory and other workplace relationships
  • Situational supervision: how to adapt your approach to meet the unique needs each situation presents
  • Communication for supervisors: giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance management: from supporting excellent performance to addressing ongoing challenges
  • Managing up: Navigating power to get the most out of supervision
  • Implementing values-based human resources systems and practices
  • Racial equity through human resources

Customized curriculum development and facilitation are also available to meet your organization’s specific needs.

We also facilitate on-going learning by convening cohorts of supervisors to practice applying lessons learned with peers. Individual coaching for supervisors is also available.